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Nope – this isn’t an “R” rated post, although I am talking about a four-letter word beginning with the letter “F”…flea!  Recently I was showing property in Collingwood to a lovely young couple with whom I am working, who would like to buy a home in our quaint little town. Boy, did we get more than we bargained for at one of the houses we were viewing!

We toured the house, which had carpets that needed to be replaced.  Judging by the stains on those carpets, we had already made the assumption that a pet had previously been one of the residents in that home.  As it is winter, we donned our coats, boots, hats and scarves, and gamely stepped onto the front porch, when we were finished looking.  I was busy replacing the key into the electronic lockbox, when my gentleman client noticed a little too much hopping going on – on his pants! (Really, any amount of hopping on your pants is too much hopping!)  The three of us were astounded to look down and see teeny tiny fleas making merry on our appendages!  The three of us began to strip away some of our clothing, on the front porch in the snow, trying to get rid of the little blighters!

I’ll forever remember the sight of my female client whipping her socks off and flicking them in the air, attempting to dislodge the fleas from them! Our boots, our socks, our legs and our pants were infested and we had quite a job removing them from our persons before getting back into my car to continue our tour.  We scratched ourselves silly through the rest of our tour – imagining the worst and hoping for the best.  We all had flea bites to contend with and coupled with the fact that we all have dogs at home, we were worried about bringing fleas home with us.  To say I was hoppingmad, would be a mildly pun-ny understatement.

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The reality of the situation is that when a tenant or an owner vacates a property, with their flea-infested pet in tow, some fleas remain in the carpets… in the floorboards… on mats…and they lie in wait for another ‘host’ to come along.  They become very hungry while they are waiting and they bide their time reproducing – making more and more little fleas.  In this case, these little pests found THREE new hosts to feast upon when we came by to look at this house.  Unfortunately, the only thing to do at this point to cure the situation, would be to get professional help in removing that very lively colony of fleas from that house!

Surprisingly, this doesn’t happen all that often, but once is definitely enough for me and for my clients.  As for our bites, well, they are healing. On the upside – our impromptu strip-tease on the front porch in the snow provided great entertainment for the neighbours, and I have a new nickname:  Gypsy Rose Flea.

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