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I think you’ll enjoy this guest post by my partner in crime, Chris McCormick.  She’s quite the writer and yes, the stories are true.

Yes, that’s right folks!  Real estate has it all.  We’ve got violence, we’ve got exotic reptiles and we’ve got nudity, amongst other things.  When you’ve been in the real estate game for as long as Marg and I have, you become accustomed to this mantra, immortalized by songwriter, Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive: “B-b-b-aby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  And that is the truth.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you are proven wrong.

Over the years, we’ve joked that we have enough fodder for a book or two on the crazy antics we’ve witnessed over the years.  So, a blog post or two on the topic should be easy to dish out!

Many years ago, we had a home listed in a very picturesque valley nearby.  It was a very old log cabin, which was home to weekenders, and unfortunately, some critters.  We found out about them during another agent’s showing, when they reported having seen some baby rattle snakes atop the electrical panel.  Just my luck, a water test needed to be taken, and I had to go and take it.  To say I was disconcerted would be to put it mildly.  I asked for some advice from my Dad, a retired Realtor® who had served in the North African Campaign in WWII:  he knew about snakes.  He told me that they recoil from sound.  So, I dragged along our office administrator, and in we went to the kitchen, armed with pots and pans, a spoon, running shoes and the water testing kit.  Had anyone seen us, they would have called for the nice men in the white coats for sure, but luckily our noisemaking worked, and we were able to take the water test, despite our trembling limbs.  It sure made the mouse droppings in the drawers seem much less offensive!

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The water test?  Well, it came back contaminated  so we eventually had a well-driller in to examine the well for the source of the problem.  Have you guessed it yet?  Rattle snakes were living in the well casing.  Lots of them.  And spiders, which to me were far worse.  One of the seasoned well-drillers ran from that well as though his pants were on fire!  You’ll be glad to know, however, that once the snakes were gone, so was the water problem.  Thankfully the sale completed on time.  The happiest part of this story is that the new buyer, who no one could have blamed had he ran screaming from the property and never looked back, simply found the snakes charming.

Next week, the gunshots.

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