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We interrupt his blog to bring you a little shameless self-promotion.

First, let us say that we love most of our fellow REALTORS® around here.  They are a good bunch.  But this is not about them (sorry guys).

For a few years now, we’ve been working hard to keep you in-the-know about everything to do with Collingwood and Blue Mountain real estate or otherwise.  We’ve gone on ad nauseam about why you should use a REALTOR®.

Now, we present to you more reasons why you should use us, Marg and Chris, as your REALTORS® of choice in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area.

o Professionally speaking, we have more than 35 years of real estate business experience under our stylish, but tasteful belts.

o We’re not one-trick ponies:  we’ve both enjoyed other careers in social work, banking, exporting, manufacturing, investments, administration and health.

o We do our homework:  we read, we listen, we absorb, we go to class, we research and we share.  Oh, and we save everything!

o We’ve been through recessions, downturns, being laid off or having quit; been turned down, and we’ve been approved; we’ve seen success, and worried about failure, invested and lost, and invested and won!

o We google, oodle, twitter, blog, text, feed and kijiji.  Can you digg it?

o We’re chatty in many languages:  English, German, a little French, a little Spanish, pig-Latin and lots of Real-Estate-Lingo are spoken in our office.

o We’ve lived to tell the tale… between us, we’ve lived through marriage, separation, divorce, being single; being a Mom, a Dad, a sister, an aunt and a cousin, being gifted, acting stupid; being jilted, being broke, sending kids to college and university; losing parents and close family members, losing on the stock market, having accidents in cars and in our pants, being embarrassed and being proud, yelled too much, yelled too little, praised when we shouldn’t have, gained weight, lost weight, survived heart attacks and breast surgery and loved with all of our hearts (which are located deep inside our bodies.)

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What we’re trying to say is, we’ve been through a lot between the two of us, so we can commiserate, empathize, sympathize and help, whenever you need our advice or expertise.  No matter what the event, it’s very likely that we’ve been there too, so you don’t have to feel alone when you’re dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Nuff said.

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