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What To Do About An Ash Tree on Your Property

I guess the title should really say, What To Do About An Ash Tree On OUR Property.  As I blogged a few weeks ago,  the issue of the Emerald Ash Borer and the guarantee that it will kill all un-inoculated trees soon, is going to become a much bigger issue soon.  It is...

Ever Wonder How Shopping CAN Actually Put Dollars in Your Pocket?

Psst.. want an excuse to go shopping and magically save money at the same time? The SaveONEnergy Coupon Event is now on and it’s a perfect time to stock up on everything from energy efficient lightbulbs to weather stripping and more.  Click here to find a link to 13...

It’s Easy to Be Green: Have an eco-friendly fall

This Fall,  Plan to Take Advantage of Fallen Leaves: Leave your rake inside the garage as the fall leaves start to accumulate on your lawn. Try going over the leaves with a mulching lawnmower, instead.  The mulched and shredded leaves will decompose, then will act as...

The Magic of Vinegar

In my opinion, the MOST important job of vinegar is to dress Collingwood's CHIPPER French fries.  Magic! In the interest of being more green when cleaning around the house, David Suzuki has this to say about the magic of vinegar: Five ways to clean with vinegar 1. ...

Free Money That Could Put Over $1,000 in Your Pocket

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you are either in a panic or in denial about what’s happening with energy costs in Ontario.  We all know they only go up but this year, we are seeing some pretty dramatic increases starting in the cost of both electricity...

My Visit To An Off-The-Grid, Straw Bale Home – Part 2

This post is part 2 in a series.  Read Part 1 here  which describes the site and construction of the property I visited. I asked the owners how life is different from living in a conventionally built, on-grid home and one thing in particular that struck me was when...

My Visit To An Off-The-Grid, Straw Bale Home – Part 1

Could you live off the grid? For several years now, I have had a burning curiosity to see a home that is off the grid and to understand how it impacts daily life.  Recently, I was invited to see just such a home in Grey Highlands, not far from Meaford. “We live by the...

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Warm It Up Inside

Have you heard of the Home Weatherization Retrofit Program?  It is a FREE service being offered through utility suppliers that gives qualified applicants access to insulation and draft proofing in their homes at NO CHARGE. Improving your building envelope can save you...

Your Home May Be Polluted

Gosh it is pretty outside.  Blue Mountain turns to green in the summer and white in the winter but right now, the mountain is aflame with reds, yellows and vibrant oranges.  My neighbour’s Maple tree here in Collingwood has turned a bright Crimson despite the...

Greener Home: More Green in Your Wallet

Saving the downpayment is often the most challenging part of purchasing a home.  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Genworth Canada each offer mortgage loan insurance to lenders so that qualified home Buyers can realize their dream of homeownership...

Are Soft Clothes Worth It?

Do you use fabric softener or dryer sheets?  If so, perhaps you are not aware that they are among the most toxic products around today. You can read what Science Daily says about the University of Washington study done on these products. Some of the typical chemicals...

The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Property Values

Do houses with lots of energy-saving and sustainability features sell for more than houses without them?  If so, by how much? A newly released study done in California concluded that energy efficient homes sell for an average of 9% more.  Based on a large sampling of...

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